Hi! I'm Harsha

Welcome to The Vegetarian Homestead. I live in Alabama (zone 7A) with my husband and 2 kids, on 16 acres. We started this homestead journey 4 years ago searching for a more simpler and nature centered life for our children. 

Since then I have become a garden enthusiast and am learning as I go. My goal is to eventually grow 100% of our own vegetables, protein and as much fruit as we are able. I am no where near that but I strive to achieve that goal someday.  

I love to cook and am always trying new recipes which my husband eats happily. 

I hope to help others who are living a vegetarian lifestyle to grow their own food, cook what they grow and enjoy the health benefits of homegrown food.  I believe that food can be healing and nourishing. 

I hope you learn something new and that this site inspires you to grow your own food!