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Celebrate all garden successes and failures

Every year I learn something new about gardening. Gardening is out of my control for the most part.

I can buy the best seeds, fertilizer, monitor for pests/diseases and treat accordingly to the best of my knowledge but I can't control the weather (too much or to little rain, late frosts, early frosts, heat, etc), poor seed germination and critters.

What I learned was to be grateful for the opportunity to grow and harvest whatever I am able. I learn to give myself grace and learn from my mistakes. I am thankful for everything the garden gives and even thankful for the failures because it gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.

Every year there seems to be a crop that does wonderful and another that struggles and some that just die (looking at you tomatoes!). Truth be told, I haven't had much success with tomatoes yet. I have done much research, soil test and have bought different varieties for next year. I will keep you posted....

dying tomato plants

I wanted to post the failures first in hopes that it will give someone hope that they aren't alone and shouldn't give up.

The successes are great when you garden. Have you ever had garden fresh asparagus? Store bought asparagus does not compare to the sweetness of a fresh one. Tomatoes right off the vine? Its like candy!

braiding garlic is fun and makes it easier to store.

My son grew carrots in his raised bed last year.

Gardening is more than just fresh produce for me. I feel refreshed and energetic after I've had my "dirt therapy". I feel my mind is clear when I'm in the garden even while doing the most mundane chores like pulling weeds or hand watering. I enjoy watching and listening to the hundreds of insects, birds and the occasional toad. I can pray in the garden. I can talk to my Creator and cast all my cares on Him and feel His presence near me.

What is the reason you garden? I hope it brings you much peace and joy during this time of uncertainty.

Remember to celebrate even the failures. Because failure means you tried.

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