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Early Frost

We had an early frost this year. Our first frost day is around November 15th but we had one end of October.

Our gardens are so large that covering everything with a row cover is not an option. So during this time of the year we try to keep up with the harvest.

I do love the look of frost on plants. There is such amazing beauty in it.

The only summer crop we had in the garden were peppers so we harvested all of them. I dehydrated a lot of peppers and shared some with friends.

The rest of the crops are cool weather proof so they will be fine. Some will get frost bitten but they will grow back without a problem.

There is a positive side to a frost. Lots of the vegetables actually get sweeter after they have been through a frost. This includes carrots, turnips, spinach, chard, beets and even some lettuces (if they survive!). This is also a great way to decide which varieties to grow next year!

I didn't harvest my luffas before the frost. I want to see if they will still dry on the vine and give me a nice usable luffa for sponge. Last year I harvested lot of the green ones and let them dry outside on the deck. Over half of them rotted. The ones I had left on the vine faired better even though they went through several frosts.

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