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End of summer garden

This has been a busy growing season! I was stretched too thin with all that needed to be done and that is the reason why I haven't made new posts on this blog.

canning peppers

This year's summer garden was the biggest we have ever grown and it took all our time and energy. We worked hard and have reaped the reward of bountiful harvests and shelves full of food.

my winter squash harvest!

Only crops growing now that is from the summer garden are sweet potatoes and peppers. It is so weird that peppers start cranking out this time of year!

figs! Will they ripen before frost??

We feel so blessed to have all this food put away for winter. I know we will enjoy it during the cold days when the gardens are all tucked in for the winter.

despite bug damage we managed to harvest a lot of painted mountain corn!

We planted a very small fall garden this year and it is doing fantastic! I planted chinese cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, chard, kale, beets, radishes, cilantro and carrots. Pest and weed pressure is lower and we get abundance of rain so there is less demand from me.

I canned apple sauce for the first time!

This was a season of learning for us. I asked my husband few days ago while we were getting beds ready for more fall seed sowing if we should do this again next year. His answer was a resounding "yes!". This is encouraging to me because even though we made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of crops to bugs/weeds we both know that this is all part of gardening.

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