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Garden Plan

Bouquet of daffodils my daughter picked for me

It is that time of the year again! We sat down and designed our garden plan. We try to take crop rotation seriously since we have such high pest pressure still in our garden.

Not fancy but it makes sense to us :)

Our gardens have evolved over the last 5 years. We have increased the growing space and also are trying to be good steward of the land. Crop rotation is something I am still a newbie at but I have a basic plan that I stick to.

Crop rotation is basically rotating the crops that you grow in the same area every year. Each plant has a specific nutritional need and pests. If the same crop is grown in the same area year after year, the soil will become depleted of certain nutrition and pest pressure can become stronger.

Onion seedlings after a trim

I will be honest, my knowledge of crop rotation is limited and I have much to learn. We try not to grow the same crop in the plot for at least 3 years. So for now, I try my best with it and call it good. We also plan to rest our garden plots every 6th year. During the their Sabbath year, we will plant a cover crop that will also benefit pollinators. This year, that will be crimson clover, buckwheat and flower mix.

If anyone has any tricks for crop rotations please let me know!

Happy Gardening!

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