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Hidden Treasures

I love it when people come to our house and want to look at our garden. What I love even more is while I am giving them a tour I find hidden garden goodies.

Chard loves cooler weather

I have a friend that asked if one of her friends could come over and look at our gardens and ask me some questions about how we grow and preserve so much food. I am not an expert and I don't think I'll ever be but I love to talk all things garden. I also love to tap in to their knowledge bank and learn about gardening.

While giving them a tour we found a cherry tomato plant that had volunteered in the sweet corn patch that had gone wild! I am not joking, this plant is covering an area that is over 10 feet wide! And it was beautiful! It had deep green leaves and loaded with bright red delicious tomatoes!

cherry tomato plant gone wild!

This plant grew without any care from my part. I haven't watered, pruned, fertilized or checked for pests. So of course I grabbed a big bowl (it was a pot actually since all my bowls are currently filled with dry corn) and harvested all the tomatoes that we could. We got over 4lbs of tomatoes!

We ate some fresh but the rest I used to make a double batch feta pasta. Have you ever had it? It is so delicious! If I hadn't been willing to give her a tour I wouldn't have found this surprise and it would have perished in a frost that we had few days later.

Also during the tour I asked my friend how her raspberry plants are doing that she dug up from my garden and planted in hers. And she said that they are all thriving and she harvested berries from them that day! I was surprised to hear that since I had no idea raspberries produce twice a year. So I checked our plants and found berries!

I had noticed that our winter squash plants were growing again and putting out more squash. We were expecting a frost this week so with the kids help I harvested all the squash and filled a whole wheelbarrow! I didn't expect such as awesome bumper crop of winter squash. It was a true blessing to have even more food for the winter.

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