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Homestead Goals for 2022

I thought about not writing this post. I wanted to write it but after going over last years goals and seeing what we DIDN'T accomplish, I kind of felt scared to set any goals for this year.

Silage tarp laid over the area that will become a new raspberry patch

I would have regretted that decision. So, here I am typing up new goals. Failure for me is not a problem, no trying is.

New grow station!

The Vegetarian Homestead's Goals for 2022:

  1. Plant more berry plants/bushes. This one will be easy to fulfill because most of the plants are already in our garden. We just need to transplant them in a different area.

  2. Start a compost pile. No, seriously this will happen! I have a plan :)

  3. Re-arrange the trellises so they become more permanent fixture. Moving trellises is a pain! I want to put the trellises where they can just stay and we only rotate the crops that we grow on them. This has to work! I am tired of moving trellises!

  4. Grow at least 75% of the food we will eat in a year. Last year our goal was 50% and I think we surpassed that. So this year I am aiming higher! The goal is to NOT increase the size of the garden but use successive planting methods to get the most out of the space. I plan to succession plant some crops but also not waste space on crops that we don't enjoy eating as much.

  5. Start a market garden! Yes, it's happening! The Vegetarian Homestead is partnering with a friend and growing a market garden this year! More details in future posts :)

  6. Build an outdoor kitchen. Ok this one is more of a dream than a goal :). But wouldn't it be awesome to have an outdoor kitchen?


That's It! I have 6 goals for 2022. I am so excited to start another growing season! We are trying some new tricks this year :)

Happy Gardening!

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