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Homestead update

I couldn't come up with a topic that I wanted to cover in this post so I decided to write a post about all the happenings on the homestead this week.

We are so busy now with all the springtime chores.

I ordered some maple and hazelnut trees from Burnt ridge nursery and they arrived last week. I highly recommend this company! I've ordered many bare root plants in the past but none have ever arrived packaged so well and looking so nice! They also have a great customer service!

I went ahead and put the hazelnut trees in pots for now until we decide where we will plant those. We decided to plant the sugar maple and big leaf maple in our pasture since these trees get huge. We also decided to put a fence around each tree to prevent the deer from taking too much interest in them.

We had some chicks on the homestead! I just love our bantam cochin hens! They are such great mothers and right now we have nine adorable little chicks! We have two more hens sitting on more eggs :).

Things are blooming and looking so alive now! The cherry and pear trees were loaded with blooms. I pray that we will have an opportunity to harvest some cherries this year!

I also noticed the elderberry and mulberry trees are blooming. Figs are starting to bud and raspberries are putting on flowers!

I also harvested several strawberries today!

I didn't take a picture but we had a huge salad with all the greens from the garden. We enjoyed lettuce, spinach, kale, bok choi and tat soi. Delicious!

I love spring time. It is a lot of work and we never feel caught up but I love it.

I also weeded the carrot, spinach and lettuce beds. And planted planted more carrot seeds and watered everything in.

I transplanted some cabbages last week and they looked a little sad from the intense afternoon sun but perked right back up with deep watering.

Potatoes are coming up, grape vines are putting on buds, garlic is looking amazing and I even noticed that the sweet william plants survived the winter and are flowering!

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