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How to make garlic powder and garlic salt

I love garlic. In my humble opinion, anything with garlic tastes better.

I grew lots of garlic last fall and this spring we had an amazing harvest. I grew extra just so I can dehydrate some and make garlic powder and salt with it.

Peeling the garlic takes the most time but after that the hands on time is very minimal.

There is no need for exact measurement for this recipe.

Garlic Powder/granules:

Step 1. Peel as much garlic as you need, or as much you can peel while watching a movie with your kids :)

Step 2. Place peeled garlic in a food processor and pulse it until its coarse (you don't want to make a smoothie out of it, just break it up in to smaller pieces to it dries quicker).

Step 3. Spread it on a silicone baking mat (or something similar that has no holes it in but is safe to dehydrate food on) , place the mat on the dehydrator tray and stick it in the dehydrator.

Step 4. Dehydrate at 125degrees for 6-12 hours (check every 2-3 hours) and when the top is completely dry, break it up in to chunks and turn each chunk over. Dry for another 3-6 hours or until it is completely dry.

Step 4. Place the dry garlic chunks in to a dehydrator and pulse it until it is to your liking. I like my garlic "powder" to be more like granules. If you desire a powder consistency, use a blender.

Step 5. Store in a glass jar and enjoy!

Garlic Salt:

Step 1. Take equal amount of salt and dehydrated garlic powder (from above recipe) and put it in a blender and mix it until it is all well combined. Store in a glass jar and enjoy!

Easy, right?

**If you notice that your garlic powder or salt is getting clumpy, just place it back in the food processor/blender and give it a quick mix.

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