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How we protect our plants and trees during a frost

We had another frosty night this week. My husband and I keep very close eye on the weekly weather forecast. We are always ready to cover the plants/trees anytime the temperature is below 39 degrees. We have noticed that when the temps in our area are below 39 there is a good chance we will wake up to frost on the ground.

When you have a large garden the process of covering and uncovering can take few hours if not more. We had a frost warning for last Wednesday night. I started mowing grass clippings on Tuesday (grass clippings are great frost protector by the way) and planned how to cover each row/plant/tree.

Thankfully we have old curtains, sheets, pillowcases, and even a roll of plastic we bought few years ago thinking it was for a greenhouse. My husband cut up the plastic in to 4 feet wide pieces (our beds are 30 inches wide with 18 inches of walkway). We used landscape staples to hold the fabric down.

The new fruit trees we planted this year may have been fine during the frost but we didn't want to risk losing them so we put a pillow cover on the tree and gently tied it with a zip tie. The same was done to as many berry bushes as we could find a cover for.

The plants that were in awkward placed got an upside down pot as a cover or a lid to a cold frame.

We have used hay/dry grass clippings to protect potatoes from the frost in the past with good results so we used the same method to cover the cabbages as well.

I don't have a picture of the trash bag covering the elderberry bushes but they made it through the frost with very minimal damage!

As for the big fruit trees and berry bushes they were left to fend for themselves. There is only so much that can be done for unexpected frosts as this. But I am happy to report that almost all the plants made it through the frost.

I am praying that this will be the last frost. Next week will be a hectic time on the homestead.

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