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I did it again!

Chaos has begun! You'd think I would know by now that baby plants take up only fraction of the space adult plant will need. Every year I do this and make notes (both mental and on actual garden journal) like "follow the recommended spacing required by each plant" and for some reason that pearl of wisdom gets thrown out the window each spring.

It can't be just me that does that tho, right?

I think the problem is I grow too many seedlings and than don't have the heart to thin them out or throw them away so I squeeze in "just one more" so before I know it the 6 inch spacing is reduced to 4 inches and 3 inches and so forth. I stand back and admire it and reassure myself all will be fine. It never is. Few weeks or months later that same adorable bed is a jungle that's hard to harvest from and is infested with pests. That same bed requires five times as much water. And that same bed ends up producing less veggies than the one properly spaced out.

My raised beds are already filled to the max and I keep sowing more seeds in any bare space I can find. Sigh......

The good news is that I have only done this in the raised beds and not the main garden rows so I will try my best to follow the spacing recommendations. I'll try.

In other news, the garden is producing so many salad greens that I am harvesting a big bowl full each day! Fresh salad greens are amazing!

One of our homestead goals this year was to make our own compost. We set up a simple pallet compost bins in the chicken run but soon found out that the hens were using the pallets to jump out of their run. So we took the pallets out and just left the piles. Well today I decided to see if it was heating up at all and to my surprise I found a whole family of mice! eeek!

So I decided to take the fork and spread the piles out in to the chicken run. And I found even more mice! They had made themselves at home under the compost pile and were probably helping themselves to the chicken feed. I guess my next compost pile will be far away from the chicken run!

One chick hatched today and its so cute! My daughter named it Violet :).

Until next time my friends, happy gardening!

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