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I posted the picture below on a facebook group and it got over 4,000 likes. Lot of the comments made said how they to have a similar goal. I've never posted anything that generated that much attention and it has me thinking. More and more people are thinking about where their food comes from and are interested in being more self sufficient.

This was our first year being intentional about trying to grow 50% of the vegetables and fruits that we eat in a year. We did lots of research and I even made a post about our plans!

We worked hard, from buying the seeds, starting transplants, transplanting, pulling weeds, watering, pest control, harvesting and preserving. We worked hours and hours in the garden each week. I spent hours and hours in the kitchen canning, freezing and dehydrating the fresh produce.

I am very happy with what we have accomplished this year. We made a lot of mistakes but also learned a lot. We have taken lots of notes and are planning to make changes next year.

So here is what did well and we have enough for a whole year:

Sweet Corn

Green Beans

peppers: canned and dehydrated


Tomato sauce

Dried tomatoes


Sweet potatoes

Winter squash

Summer Squash

Flint corn



Rhubarb: jam and frozen

Strawberries: jam and frozen

Salad greens: we had abundance of these in spring and now in fall

Melons: dehydrated melon chips are amazing!



What didn't do well/not enough to last a year:

Dry Beans-this maybe because we didn't plant enough.

Popcorn-we will try again with a different variety

Black eye peas-we will try again with a different variety.

Peas-I didn't plant enough

Cucumbers-I didn't plant enough

Peanuts-Voles ate most of them!

Onions-late frost and heavy rains killed a lot of seedlings

Raspberries-we have many new plants so next year should be better!

Blueberries-none of our bare root plants grew :(

Pepita squash-they grew beautifully but the seeds were not mature



Beets-I never have luck with these!


Figs-the trees did produce figs but not enough for preserving

Peaches-late frost killed all the flowers

Plum-late frost killed all the flowers


We also bought lots of apples for apple chips and apple sauce. I also made lots of ketchup, bbq sauce, mustard, relish, bread and butter pickles,

Overall this was a very successful year and we are praying that in the future we will continue to do better.

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