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Planting is done!

Drum roll please!

We are done planting! It took over 3 weeks to get every seed and seedling in to the ground where they will hopefully survive and produce food!

sweet corn

This has been the busiest planting season ever and our hard work is already showing results. The pole beans are climbing up the trellis nicely, the corn is growing taller each day, the squash plants are doubled in size, pea plants are loaded with delicious pods and we are harvesting strawberries by the bowl full.


I even made rhubarb strawberry jelly last week! It is very very good.

The planting was done just in time because the chinese cabbages were ready to be harvested and I dehydrated almost all of it (more on this later!).

Winter squash

Now we focus on weeding, mulching, watering, pest control and harvesting/enjoying.


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