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Raspberry patch management

Our raspberry patch needed some serious TLC! It needed it last year and the attempt we made at that time was in vain.

Look at the mess the patch was in before we started the project called "be merciless with the raspberry patch!"

Raspberries grow runners from the roots and ours are spreading good ten feet away from the original plant. Which is great in theory but very messy when the plants are in your garden.

We decided to mow down most of the baby plants. It hurt my heart but it needed to be done for a properly managed patch. It is very difficult to harvest berries in a dense patch.

Now don't take us for perfectionists or anything. We just kind of eyeballed the whole thing :)

The pathways were mowed down really low and the big clumps of grass was dug up and flipped upside down.

I love woven fabric for suppressing weeds so that is what we used. Our fabric is 4ft wide. We have to add another strip of fabric on the north end but that will have to wait until after we harvest the potatoes.

I think it looks great! We still need to weed the actual patch area and mulch it. Once the raspberries really start putting out leaves the weeds don't grow much inside the patch. It was really the edge of the patch that created a weedy mess!

I am sure this may need to change in the future but for the time being it will do. I will need to fertilize the patch this week and again when it starts flowering.

Blackberries are next!

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