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Showers of blessings!

We finally had decent amount of rain today after 3 long weeks. This has been an unusually dry spring for us. I am so thankful that we have a well that meets all the watering needs for our gardens.

There must be other gardeners who watch for rain clouds the way I do during the growing season. I also keep a close eye on the weather report so I can water or not water the garden accordingly. Even tho we have a well, I still don't want to waste water.

It always amazes me how a good rain will make the plants grow. The plants take on a deeper shade of green and seem to get taller over night. Weeds also love rain and I know that all the garden beds will need more mulch. I am very lazy when it comes to maintaining weeds, If they are small enough I just dump a thick layer of grass clippings on them and call it good. If the weeds are tall than they will be pulled before mulch is added. I am also not super particular about keeping tidy beds.

Everything is growing so fast now that the warmer weather is here. I also have been very diligent about fertilizing the plants. I fertilized the tomato and pepper plants with calcium nitrate (It is recommended to do this when you see the first flowers). Instead of sprinkling the calcium nitrate on the soil I decided to dissolve 1/2 cup of calcium nitrate and 1 cup of quick acting lime in 5 gallons of water. I gave each plant about 2 pints of this mixture and than watered them in really well. I saw a huge difference in the plants the next day! Calcium prevents blossom end rot in tomatoes and

I had some extra space in the garden so I decided to plant some more peanuts. I was at our local feed store and saw that they sold seed peanuts so I bought 1 lb and planted about half the bag. I will plant some more after I harvest the early potatoes next week.

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