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So many good things to eat!

The time has arrived in the season when we can eat at least half of our meals from our garden. I absolutely love this time of the year!

Volunteer winter squash plants! Peppers are to the left of it and melons behind it.

It is amazing to me that I can grab a basket and meander out to the garden for inspiration for what to make for lunch or dinner. Yesterday, I decided to make a lentil curry but wanted to include some veggies. So I headed out to the garden and dug up some potatoes, harvested some chard leaves and herbs to include in the curry. It was delicious!

strawberries, brassicas and leeks

We are harvesting strawberries, raspberries, peas, cabbage, broccoli (not a lot), lettuce, kohlrabi and herbs. I am grateful for every little thing we are harvesting from the garden.

so many delicious berries!

You know who else eats really well this time of year? The chickens! As soon as they see me, they start making lots of noises to get my attention. I am a sucker so they always get some delicious broccoli leaves or strawberries. I don't mind since they turn that in to delicious eggs!

The potatoes are starting to die back, that means we will get to harvest those soon!

Potatoes dying back. I've started to harvest the biggest ones

Beans are climbing the trellis despite having lots of bean beetle damage. It's a daily job picking those stinkers off!

Onions are starting to bulb! This is always exciting because homegrown onions are like candy!

Blackberries are loaded with unripe berries.

Praying for a good blackberry harvest for jam!

Next week we are having very high temps! I will have to work extra hard to keep my lettuce from bolting :)

Happy Gardening all!

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