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Sowing more seeds

Being intentional about growing enough food to last a whole year means I am sowing lot more seeds than I ever have. As soon a bed is emptied it is quickly prepped and planted.

I have sowed more cucumber seeds, zucchini, yellow squash, popcorn, sweet corn and southern peas. I am hoping that these will all mature and give us a second harvest.

The second planting of zucchini and yellow squash are already flowering and I look forward to having more of both for fresh eating and preserving.

I made so many zucchini chips and we are enjoying them with fresh salsa. So delicious!

The bush beans and pole beans are done for the season. Last year I sowed more seeds around this time of the year but the bean beetle pressure was so high that it didn't produce much. I have already canned almost fifty jars of beans so that should last us through next year. The plants look pretty beat up but I am allowing them to grow so I can harvest some beans for seeds.

The melons are getting bigger and we are all looking forward to the first taste! They grow so fast!

The squash bugs pretty much destroyed the kakai pumpkin plants so we had to harvest the pumpkins early. I am looking forward to harvesting all the papitas and roasting them. This is a new crop for us this year and I bought the seeds from an etsy shop and I am very pleased with the results. I will save seeds for next year.

Canning season is in full swing here and I am canning something almost everyday. It is so nice to see the shelves filling up with homegrown food!

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