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Spring is here!

My heart is rejoicing seeing all the changes that spring brings. The fruit tree and berry bushes are budding and flowering, the wild chives are growing, birds are starting to come back, insects are waking up and rain is a regular event. Even the rhubarb, echinacea, pansies and last years chard and beets are coming back.

Where we live there are wild callery pear trees which show off in early spring with the most beautiful (but bad smelling) white flowers. My kids love to collect a handful and give to me as a gift almost everyday. It always amazes me how nature knows when its spring. This world was created by an intelligent Creator and I give Him all the glory.

Springtime on the homestead means a lot more work. To be honest, I feel a bit overwhelmed with all that needs to be done and all that will need to be done but I am still grateful for all that we are able to do. We have unfinished projects from last year that need finished and the new projects that we have decided to start. My husband works full time so we are limited to how much time we can devout to each project. But God is so good and He sees us through each project and we grow to trust Him even more.

I have organized my seedlings to make certain I don't sell the ones I need to plant meet our goal of growing 50% of all the veggies we need for a year. I have already transplanted all the broccoli, lettuces, kale, collards and onions that we will need. I have also direct sowed two 50 foot rows of snap and shelling peas, one 8x8 raised bed of carrots and one 4x4 raised bed with parsnips, salsify and more carrots. Also I have direct seeded radishes, mesclun mix and spinach. We planted over 400 seed potatoes last week. This week I will plant the cabbages and cauliflowers.

The 5 little chicks we bought 2 weeks ago are doing well and we are thinking about moving them in to the greenhouse soon so they can have a place to scratch around. I have found that when chicks are given time outdoors earlier in their lives seem to be healthier. We are hoping that at least one of the rhode island red chicks is a rooster so we won't have to buy chicks in the future.

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