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The Summer Garden

The garden changes each season. I love every season's garden. But there is just something about the summer garden that makes my heart sing. It maybe that everything grows faster and the fruit seems to grow overnight.

The weeds grow fast too! See this picture below? Like the beautiful grass? Its my sweet potato patch actually. We mulched this bed with some hay before planting the slips and the weeds are starting to take over!

How does the vegetarian homestead manage its weeds? We do pull tall weeds but most of them get a thick covering of mulch. Look at the same sweet potato bed in the next picture.

This method works great as long as you don't mind the untidy still mildly weedy beds!

I also use cardboard liberally in my garden. The above squash patch is getting out of control and its sending its vines in every directions including the pathways. If you look at the picture carefully you will see cardboard laying on the edge of the bed. These will get covered with mulch and I call it good :) Eventually the entire pathway will be covered this way and the vines won't get lost in tall weeds.

Summer garden also means lots and lots of yummy veggies and fruit for fresh eating, sharing, selling and preserving! We have had few good harvests of purple pole beans which we really enjoyed. We ended up harvesting the onions a bit early because weeds were really taking over that bed. I had to decide if I wanted to spend hours weeding the bed or pull the onions a week or two early. In the end we decided to harvest the onions and I am very pleased with the bounty! I will cure the onions the same way I cure garlic for few weeks.

The sweet corn is doing its sweet thing and growing beautifully. There are small corn cobs growing already and I am hoping for a harvest for July 4th cookout!

My garden is not perfect. It is full of weeds, there are way too many pests and it probably would produce lots more if I maintained it more. But I am allowing myself to have grace because it is only two people managing such large garden without big equipment. We love doing this and I don't want to be burned out because I have unrealistic expectations.

Even with our neglect, the garden is giving us a bountiful of harvest each season and I am so grateful for it.

I hope you all are having are having a wonderful garden season!

Happy Gardening!

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