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Up Potting Tomatoes

Tomatoes are probably the most popular home garden plants. Everyone enjoys fresh off the vine tomatoes that are still warm from the sun!

I love tomatoes and growing them is so fun!

I started my tomato seedlings on March 22nd and they are finally out growing their 2 inch soil blocks. It is time to up pot them so they can continue to grow until they can be transplanted in the garden (which is still a month away!).

There are few things that you can do when up potting tomatoes to get an abundant of harvest.

Tomatoes are vine and the stem will grow roots if it comes in contact with water/soil. So, you want to plant your seedlings deep when up-potting.

Look at the seedling in the below picture. Snip off all but the top two leaves.

I plop the soil block with the seedling in a 16oz plastic cup with few holes drilled on the bottom for drainage. I don't even place any soil on the bottom because I want roots to grow on the side from the stem.

Next, I start filling the cup with potting mix making sure not to damage the stem or bury the top two leaves.

I don't mind filling the cup up all the way if needed since I bottom water (I pour water in the tray that holds the tomato plants and let the soil and roots soak up the water through the drainage holes).

Label your plant and you're done! Water as needed and fertilize with half strength water soluble fertilizer every 10 days until transplant time.

I up potted all the plants above in less than an hour. It doesn't take long once you get some experience.

Happy Gardening!

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