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What is new on the homestead this week

Spring crunch time has arrived. I still have to start more seeds indoor, till, mulch, transplant, weed, up-pot seedlings, water, mow and collect grass clippings, and many more things to do. This year we increased our growing space by more than double so the work has doubled as well. I am not complaining, simply reminding myself of all the work to be done LOL.

I also feel like I have already failed at one of my goals for this year. This blog is not getting my attention the way I had hoped. But I knew that was going to happens since when I set that goal it was the middle of winter. I will give myself grace and not stress about the lack of posts.

I tilled up the sweet potato, winter squash and corn gardens today. I also mowed and made piles of grass clippings that will be spread on to the tilled gardens. I like to keep the soil covered as much as possible. I actually saw the benefit of mulching today while tilling. The area that were mulched over winter were so easy to till and the soil under the mulch was full of earthworms. Where as the tilled but not mulched side was almost hard as a rock! So I have decided to up my game plan for mulching for this year! Thank God we have a large hay field that I can collect as many clippings as my little heart desires.

I have spent lots of time harvesting and drying herbs this year. I love using fresh herbs when they are growing but I also love having dry herbs on hand for the fall and winter season. Thyme, oregano, parsley, chives, savory, sage, and cilantro are growing beautifully. I love to make herb salts as well.

I feel like I finally did something right this year by adding lime as recommended by the soil test. I know that may seem like a no brainer for some but for me it was a huge step forward. My garlic plants are huge this year and I almost pulled one out yesterday to see how big the bulb is! But I stopped myself and will wait to harvest it when the time is right.

This week I also started 5 trays of corn; sweet, flint, and popcorn. My daughter helped me and it didn't take nearly as long. I still have to plant lots more but I have no more trays lol. I have a plant sale coming up this friday so hopefully I'll have some empty trays next week :)

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