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What is new on the Homestead this week

This week started off with us hitting the ground running. After a very nice Sabbath rest we woke up Sunday morning ready to work. I planted more beans and corn in paper pots in tray. All four of us than tackled the pole bean garden and weeded all 3 rows. We were all very tired and hungry after the morning work so we decided to go out for lunch at a local restaurant. We had a lovely time.

I have planted pinto beans, christmas lima beans and kentucky pole beans in the the garden already. We also planted soybeans in the garden which took up a 30 foot row.

Our kids had started some flowers in cups which were ready to be transplanted. I tilled up the row and we mulched it with hay before I transplanted the flower seedlings. I love flowers in the garden. Its not only pleasing to look at but the pollinators and other beneficial insects love them too. This year we are trying many new flowers (from the dollar tree!).

Our blueberries arrived last week so we spend an evening digging the holes and planting those. They were bare root plants so they needed to be planted as quickly as possible. It was a big job since there were 50 of them! But we all worked together and got it done in about 2 hours! FYI a post hole digger is a great tool for digging holes for trees!

Today I spent some time with the kids mulching the blueberries. Mulching really helps control the weeds and prevents water from evaporating. If our clay soil is left uncovered it turns in to a brick!

I have been using so many fresh herbs in my cooking. I made pizza today which had chives, parsley and thyme from the garden and bell peppers from last years harvest. I love using fresh herbs while they are growing. I am also drying lots of herbs for winter use.

This week we also converted an old cold frame which wasn't getting much use in to a carrot raised bed. I didn't have any bagged soil on hand to fill it up so we used chicken bedding which is mostly hay and I added a layer of mushroom compost on top before I sowed the carrot seeds. I hope it works because we eat a lot of carrots.

I am hoping to get all the beans planted this week so I can focus on corn next week. Garden fresh corn is out of this world delicious!

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