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What's happening this week on the homestead

I always dread winters. I am a naturally an active person who likes to be busy. I can't stand idleness. Also, if I stay inactive for a period of time, my sciatica flares up.

Last year I had two flare ups of sciatica and one episode usually has me down for almost 2 weeks. This year I told my husband that I'm staying busy all winter long and the poor guy has been busy right along with me.

This week on the homestead we have been busy putting up our new trellises. I'll make a separate post on why and how we did this. I've also started all my onions, leeks, carrots and lettuces indoors. Our winters are pretty mild so I decided to start the onions early so I can have space on my growing station for spring seedlings. The carrots were not intentional, I had mystery seeds that spilled out of its packet so I just sowed them in pots and almost all of them came up! I'm hardening them off now and will transplant them next week.

We are also tilling up new garden plots, adding lime to the soil and covering up the tilled soil with chicken bedding. Its a lot of work but I'm grateful for it.

These mulberries plants above were started from cuttings in fall and they are doing fantastic! They are a dwarf variety I bought from baker creek 2 years ago. They are very hardy and are over 8 feet tall now and we ate few berries of it last year. Looking forward to a larger harvest this year!

What's new on your homestead this week?

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