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What's new on the homestead this week

I am so excited! I finally succeeded in making a sourdough starter! You all have no idea how many times I've tried and failed. I finally found 2 recipes that I kind of combined and it worked! Today was the first day that my started grew twice as big within 3 hours and it even overflowed.

I promptly found an easy sourdough bread recipe and it turned out beautiful! I also had more discard so I whipped up some dough for sourdough biscuits to have for breakfast tomorrow. I am so excited about all the possibilities of this amazing resource I have now. Oh the things I will bake and cook! Since I started this post 4 days ago, I have made sourdough muffins, naan, more bread and waffles. Everything was delicious!

Some of the seeds I had started last week didn't germinate so I reseeded those trays and placed them on the heat mat. My grow station is getting crowded! Its a good feeling to finally start some plants for spring! I should be able to transplant out the onion seedlings soon and that will open up space on the grow station.

On another exciting but not as pleasing note, we managed to get our tractor stuck in mud last week. We tried different techniques and it wouldn't budge! On top of that we had 2 full days of rain and that made the area so much more muddy. We finally called a tow truck and he was able to pull it out. I don't think we would have gotten it out ourselves. I am embarrassed to write why we took the tractor near the creek in the first place. But its out and we will not take it in to a muddy area on purpose.

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